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Re: Test of el-torito and isolinux multiboot for CD

I grabbed the isolinux version last week and installed yesterday. Please see the responses below to each question.

Raphael Hertzog wrote:

What is your computer (cpu, how old is it ...) ?

I am running an AMD Athlon XP 1800+ (three weeks old.)

What is your BIOS (name and version) ?

Via KT266A

Are you able to boot on the CD ?

Yes, no problems.

Do you see the prompt ?

Yes. After typing bf24 <Enter> I am getting a text (ansi?) menu going through the steps of installing the system. When I got to the part of creating a boot floppy, it failed to create one. I did make the system bootable and setup lilo with my other boot partitions. (Windows hda1, Windows2 hdb1) The only problem I am having now is that after rebooting I get the following error:

INIT: Id "1" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes.

I do not know what what process it is trying to start, but it is in the .../sbin directory. I will look tonight for a more detailed directory listing. I am able to <ctrl><F2> and work in another terminal. I hope this helps.

More detail about my machine:

Via KT266A chipset
256MB DDR Ram (Kingston)
IBM 60GB 7200RPM ATA100 HD
Winfast Geforce4 MX - 64MB DDR Video
Creative Labs Audigy MP3 Sound
Codegen ATX 6051L-G54 Case 300W PS

If no, what is happening ?

Feel free to provide more information if you think that it's

Thanks for your help !

PS: More information about the second (isolinux) image is available at :

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