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Test of el-torito and isolinux multiboot for CD


we are considering adding the possibility to boot different flavors
of the kernel from the same CD (the first) and we have different
means of achieving that. Each has its pros and cons. We need to know
if they do work on your machine ... because it depends of the BIOS and
it may not work on old machines. (All of this is for the i386 arch

So we provide two ISO images and we expect you to grab them, burn CD
with them and try to boot on them (if you wish, you can also install
Debian woody with them ... but the test is mainly about the boot

Please send the feedback (ie the answers to the questions included in
this mail) to debian-cd@lists.debian.org (reply-to is set).

What is your computer (cpu, how old is it ...) ?

What is your BIOS (name and version) ?

First method : multiboot with el-torito

Grab the image from one of these links :

Filesize: 625606656 bytes
MD5SUM: 253c012ba909075cfe9404117035fcc0

Once you boot on it, you should get a menu proposing 4 choices. First
is "idepci" flavor, second is "compact" flavor, third is "bf2.4" flavor
and fourth is the default "vanilla" flavor. You may not see the names of
the flavor ... but just numbers. If the bios doesn't support the
multiboot it may still boot the first flavor by default.

Are you able to boot on the CD ?
If yes do you see a menu ?
If yes what does your menu look like ?
If you can't boot on the CD, explain what is happening (booting on the
harddisk, locking, ...).

Second method : multiboot with isolinux

Grab the image in one of those sites :

Filesize: 193921024 bytes
MD5SUM: f3126f5f0e54777d0fdabde5735a90be

Once you boot on it, you should see a "boot:" prompt typical of syslinux.
You can type "linux" (or "idepci"), "bf24", "compact" or "vanilla". You
will boot on the corresponding flavor of course. You may also push F3 to get
more information about the available flavors.

Are you able to boot on the CD ?
Do you see the prompt ?
If no, what is happening ?

Feel free to provide more information if you think that it's

Thanks for your help !

PS: More information about the second (isolinux) image is available at :
Raphaël Hertzog -+- http://strasbourg.linuxfr.org/~raphael/
Formation Linux et logiciel libre : http://www.logidee.com

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