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Re: pre-release Jigdo files appearing at cdimage.d.o, please test

Richard Atterer <deb-cd@list02.atterer.net> writes:

> On Thu, Apr 11, 2002 at 11:37:56AM +0300, Heikki Vatiainen wrote:
> > Jigdo is very good in finding out files that differ between
> > archives. While generating the 6th CD for i386 I found out I had a
> > corrupted file in my local archive. It would be helpful if
> > jigdo-lite told what files are missing or had a command lite option
> > for doing that.
> Outputting that list is pretty easy: After jigdo-lite tells you that
> the download of some files has failed, interrupt it and use
> "jigdo-file print-missing -i imagename", it will pick up imagename.tmp
> and output the missing files.

Thanks, that did the trick. I did experiments with print-missing, but
I did not specify imagename but imagename.tmp instead.  That only
caused jigdo-file to return without any output.

Heikki Vatiainen                  * hessu@cs.tut.fi
Tampere University of Technology  * Tampere, Finland

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