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Re: non-booting sparc, non-making sparc

Hello to all you folks who know more than me.

I used today's CVS debian-cd.

I am using an ix86 PC.
I selected sparc.

The make stops with two errors:

cannot find file ar   
(a binary file that does something for the script but is not here)

cannot find cd.b or second.b

Then it does not make any images.

So I loop mounted a sparc image and gave the 
cd.b and second.b location to the CONF.sh

and it can not find that dir.
cannot find cd.b or second.b

So I copied cd.b and second.b into the debian-cd tmp dir

and it made images. But it does not boot.

So, how does a person make a bootable sparc CD
with debian-cd
by using an ix86 PC?

Cheers, Bill Bennet

"Where the only monopoly we support has a Boardwalk and a Baltic Avenue."

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