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Re: Test of el-torito and isolinux multiboot for CD

Here's a short boot report (I have not tried installing from either CD

    "Raphael" == Raphael Hertzog <rhertzog@hrnet.fr> writes:

    Raphael> Please send the feedback (ie the answers to the questions
    Raphael> included in this mail) to debian-cd@lists.debian.org
    Raphael> (reply-to is set).

    Raphael> What is your computer (cpu, how old is it ...) ?

    Raphael> What is your BIOS (name and version) ?

    Raphael> First method : multiboot with el-torito
    Raphael> http://i386-multiboot.trasno.net/woody-i386-1.raw

    Raphael> Once you boot on it, you should get a menu proposing 4
    Raphael> choices. First is "idepci" flavor, second is "compact"
    Raphael> flavor, third is "bf2.4" flavor and fourth is the default
    Raphael> "vanilla" flavor. You may not see the names of the flavor
    Raphael> ... but just numbers. If the bios doesn't support the
    Raphael> multiboot it may still boot the first flavor by default.

On a Soyo Dragon Plus motherboard (KT266A/AMD, I think it's an Award
BIOS) the El Torito extensions work as they should (including the
usual lack of any labels describing the images, oh well....).

When using the bf2.4 image my USB keyboard was usable, with the other
images I had to plug my old AT keyboard in to do anything (of
course!). I selected the other options and they seemed to boot the
different kernels.

    Raphael> Are you able to boot on the CD ?  If yes do you see a
    Raphael> menu ?  If yes what does your menu look like ?  If you
    Raphael> can't boot on the CD, explain what is happening (booting
    Raphael> on the harddisk, locking, ...).

Standard El Torito menu - 4 items, each 2.88 MB devices. Labels 1, 2,
3 and 4 (with some addition info I forget), I get to pick one.

I tried this on a Compaq M300 Armada laptop where I know El Torito
support is lacking in the BIOS. Takes me straight to idepci, no

    Raphael> Second method : multiboot with isolinux
    Raphael> ---------------------------------------
    Raphael> http://www.phy.olemiss.edu/debian-cd/woody-i386-1.raw

    Raphael> Once you boot on it, you should see a "boot:" prompt
    Raphael> typical of syslinux.  You can type "linux" (or "idepci"),
    Raphael> "bf24", "compact" or "vanilla". You will boot on the
    Raphael> corresponding flavor of course. You may also push F3 to
    Raphael> get more information about the available flavors.

    Raphael> Are you able to boot on the CD ?  Do you see the prompt ?
    Raphael> If no, what is happening ?

Yes. On the Compaq Armada everything woks like you said (SYSLINUX
prompt, F3 gives help, menu options pick the right kernels etc). Works
on the Soyo too.

    Raphael> Feel free to provide more information if you think that
    Raphael> it's worthwhile.

The boot up seems to be fine. I've not tried to actually install
anything yet since I can't actually trash either machine.

I have an older IBM PC (1997, 166 Mhz Pentium) on which I could not
boot these CDs at all. However, I think it has to do with the 32x
writer I'm using (I burned boot CD's with El Torito before and it
booted on the olide straight to the first image). I'm new to this CD
writing business on the whole, and this 32x writer is less than a day

    Raphael> Thanks for your help !

It's getting late and I can't really install, I hope this boot report
is of some use. 

If you need some more information or want me to try some stuff, just
holler. I have a free partition on the Soyo machine and I will
probably try each installer when I get some time (and sleep).

FYI, I don't read debian-cd....


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