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Re: ISOLINUX testing (was Re: Multiboot testing please ...)

On Apr 08, Philip Hands wrote:
> On Mon, 2002-04-08 at 00:05, Chris Lawrence wrote:
> > I tracked down the problem... each flavor uses its own root.bin.
> > After some tweaking, I fixed the build process and updates are now
> > online (see my lagged mail to the list).
> Hm, doesn't fix it for the bf2.4 flavour when I try it I'm afraid.
> It's still unpacking current/drivers.tgz, whereas it should be unpacking
> something like current/bf24/drivers.tgz
> Just to make sure, the md5sum for the one I just tried is:
>   af6c34970ae8295f46c2e00e72292cd1  woody-i386-1.raw

Hmm.  It may need Yet Another Special Argument.

Boy do I love how wonderfully opaque boot-floppies are.

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