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Multiboot testing please ...

Hi people,

with the recent discussions, I have the feeling that we should push
for the multiboot stuff on the first disc. It's probably not going to
make it for 3.0r0 but we have to work on it right now to make it
possible for 3.0r1 (or later).

So basically I want that someone creates a test image with the
MULTIBOOT feature. Only disc 1 is needed. He put it on a server
somewhere for download. Then we ask debian-testing for feedback
about this multiboot stuff ... I'd like this to go fast if possible
since we don't have much time. 

Chris Lawrence is willing to do tests with isolinux, please continue as
we may want to try that if we have troubles with the actual
multiboot stuff. Feel free to prepare a patch too. :) It may also
have more interesting features (no size limit on the boot
image, more configurable menu and so on).


PS: This is all i386 only ...
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