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Re: ISOLINUX testing (was Re: Multiboot testing please ...)

On Sun, 2002-04-07 at 20:14, Chris Lawrence wrote:
> Yes, it is ISOLINUX-based, not MULTIBOOT.  It just got attached to
> this thread because that's where Raphael mentioned that I was going to
> work on it.

Just tried this -- If one tries an install of the bf24 kernel, when you
get to the "Configure Device Driver Modules", it's obviously not taking
account of the kernel it was booted with, but is unpacking the modules
for 2.2.20.

If one flips to tty2, mounts the CD, unpacks
/mnt/.../disks-i386/current/bf24/drivers.tgz (or whatever) into /target
and run the install.sh by hand, it will then proceed.

Presumably the scripts on the boot floppy know which kernel they belong
to, and so the ISOLINUX approach is either going to need some changes to
those scripts, or needs to have all the various coppies and a mechanism
for making the right one gets launched.

That's probably enough to mean that it's Multiboot, or nothing this time

Cheers, Phil.
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