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Re: Problems compiling jigdo 0.6.1 on Mandrake Cooker

So sprach »Ben Collins« am 2002-01-20 um 14:53:13 -0500 :
> 1) This is a Debian GNU/Linux mailing list. A completely different

No, not true.

>    distribution of Linux than Mandrake.

That is correct.

> 2) This being a Debian mailing list (and the Debian CD distribution/info
>    mailing list at that), it has nothing to do with jigdo. I suggest you

Because 1) is false, 2) is false as well, as far as jigdo is concerned.

>    look in to the docs of jigdo to find out the appropriate mailing list
>    for it.

Well, what makes you think I did not?  I of course did.  Because of your
statement, it seems like you didn't.

Anyhow, let me suggest to you, that you read the Jigdo site.  Let me quote
the relevant part for you:

"Discussion about jigdo takes place on the debian-cd mailing list. You can
either subscribe to the list or browse the archive."

To make double sure that I'm writing to the correct list, I checked out
where the "archive" link points to.  As it points to
http://lists.debian.org/debian-cd/, I was very much sure that this is
the correct list.

While we're at suggesting things:  If this is truly the wrong list, I'd
suggest that Richard Atterer makes clear that discussions about jigdo
shouldn't take place on the debian-cd mailing list.  Because of the
wording on the jigdo webpage, it can be easily misinterpreted that the
debian-cd mailing list would be the right place, otherwise.

Alexander Skwar
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