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Re: CD Images for 2.2r5 (was: Minimal bootable i386 CD image for 2.2r5)

lance wrote:
> > For silver disks the rule is to updated against resources on the
> > network as soon as the machine hits the internet.  This is independend
> > of which revision of potato is on the cd, there are most probably always
> > updates out there, mostly security.
> > 
> > Releasing another revision just ensures the so called ``stable''
> > distribution on the ftp server is more stable and has less security
> > bugs.
> > 
> Maybe the .iso images dont need to be updated for point releases then ??

They don't need to since they're only secondary source, but it would
be nice if they would and also several people asked for that.
Additionally, it would be nice for those who are fetching new images,
to provide current ones.  However, if they're not created, so what?
Update from the network and your fine and use a current system.  No problem.

> > > Minimum three monthe between releases would be nice .. otherwise I guess 
> > > we'll have to do an update disk ...
> > 
> > It's not a Release, the release will be called woody, it's just a minor
> > revision.
> Try telling customers that ... the day that 2.2r5 is released they want it 
> - and they dont want 2.2r4 any more :(  If we have 300 sets left x 6 CD's 
> that is a lot of table mats ...

In that case one can't sell silver Debian CD's.  I'm sorry, if that
would be the case, a Debian CD is somewhat unsellable.

> I guess an extra update cd is the way to go ...

I've discussed that with a German distributor who was interested in

>From a selling distributor pov this would be the best.  Press r0 as
silver and provide an update cd containing everything from r0 to the
current stable system.  Such a CD image should be placed on
cdimages.debian.org as well, so distributors have an easy job
duplicating it.



It's time to close the windows.

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