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Re: Unidentified subject!

Marcelo Froes wrote:

dear mrs,
i'd like to know which packages i have to download to have the full Debian on my computer so that i can record my own cds because i can't download it all the time. i heard that's 3 cds.
what sould i do?
by the way i'm on a windows 98 computer and i'm going to install debian on my computer after burning the cds.

That's how I did it, too, but I didn't download individual packages. I downloaded the Debian CD .iso images from www.linuxiso.org (around 650 MB each, use something like GetRight or wget for win32 platforms), then checked the MD5 checksums, then burnt the images onto CDs using my Windows 2000 computer. It worked perfectly.

Good luck.

Carlos Sousa

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