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Re: 2.2r3 ISO

jason andrade <jason@dstc.edu.au> writes:

> i should have added a disclaimer - i don't speak for the debian group,
> the iso maintainer or anything vaguely official. my views are my own..

No complaints from me about what you said (I'm the fabled "iso
maintainer" by the sounds of it ;-)

The delay was unfortunately mostly down to duff hardware, rather than
the difficulty of the task (isn't it great how broken hardware waits
for the right moment to reveal itself) , but since the only things in
the box that are still the same are the power supply and the hard
disks, I think that problem is now behind us.  (open has now survived
several CD creation runs, and is now splurging all the way to it's
20Mbit/s bandwidth limit, so is looking much healthier).

Cheers, Phil.
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