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Re: official 2.2_rev3 CDs available

So sprach jason andrade am Sat, Apr 28, 2001 at 06:40:37PM +1000:
> if you're a mirror site (and there are a lot of debian mirrors) then you
> already have (almost all of) the 1.8G of debian locally anyway.

Well, I'm not.  And I also don't use Debian, so I don't have any debian
files at all.  I'm just a vendor, and need the images to sell them.

> from my testing, it is always faster for a full mirror site to download
> via pik2 and then rsync over the top, than just rsync over old images,
> or worse, just download them from cdimage.

This statement is meant to be true when you're already a mirror right?  I
can only speak for me (of course), but if I can download an ISO image with
90kb/s (that's how fast my line is) from a mirror, I fail to see a speed
advantage in first downloading all the files (which I'd rm after the image
has been built anyway) with pik at a speed of 90kb/s.

> from an end user point, i guess i don't agree with trying to get users
> to use pik2 or rsync.. but that's just me.

Uhm, rsync is very nice, I don't have a problem with this.  I have a
"problem" with trying to get everyone to use pik2.

In fact, wouldn't it take longer/require more manual work using pik2 to get
all the 3 images?

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