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Re: official 2.2_rev3 CDs available

On Sat, 28 Apr 2001, Alexander Skwar wrote:

> I don't get it - why is it better first downloading about 1.8gb with the
> pseudo image kit, and then filling in the gaps with rsync, compared to right 
> away downloading the 1.8gb the 3 cd images take with rsync?  Where's the
> advantage?

if you're a mirror site (and there are a lot of debian mirrors) then you
already have (almost all of) the 1.8G of debian locally anyway.

from my testing, it is always faster for a full mirror site to download
via pik2 and then rsync over the top, than just rsync over old images,
or worse, just download them from cdimage.

from an end user point, i guess i don't agree with trying to get users
to use pik2 or rsync.. but that's just me.


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