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Re: official 2.2_rev3 CDs available

On 28 Apr 2001, Philip Hands wrote:

> Hi folks,

first of all, thanks for getting these out (and for all the

> As some of you have obviously realised (as demonstrated by open
> getting to over 24Mbit/s a little while ago) the long awaited CD
> images are now finally available, so form an orderly queue.

is that 24Mbit to just mirror sites or all end users ? i'm having
a lot of difficulty getting any connection to cdimage at the moment
from here in australia :-(.  is there any ip access control that can
be put in place for even 24 hours ?

> You know the drill, use pseudo-image if possible, or the old 2.2r2
> images to rsync over (quite a few packages have moved CDs because of
> the kernel source move, so pseudo-image will be a better option)

aye.. all i'm trying to do is get a listing and then get the list files
down to use pik2.  anyone else have the list files yet ?


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