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official 2.2_rev3 CDs available

Hi folks,

As some of you have obviously realised (as demonstrated by open
getting to over 24Mbit/s a little while ago) the long awaited CD
images are now finally available, so form an orderly queue.

You know the drill, use pseudo-image if possible, or the old 2.2r2
images to rsync over (quite a few packages have moved CDs because of
the kernel source move, so pseudo-image will be a better option)

If you're running a mirror, please check that the signed MD5SUMS files
match the images you are publishing before letting people grab them.

If you don't already know the drill, please read this:


to find out how best to get Debian.

Please don't waste your time/bandwidth/money/etc. and ours by
downloading loads of CD images only to find you'd have been better off
doing something else.

If you end up concluding that you absolutely must demonstrate your
stupidity by ignoring the above advice, then have the good manners to
attack a mirror, so at least the mirrors get to use the master site as
it was intended.  I don't want to have to password protect it, but
everything's already in place to do so -- you have been warned.

Sorry about the delay. Have fun.

Cheers, Phil.
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