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Re: possible error in potato-i386-1.list

[Sorry for the late answer; I'm just way too busy these days..]

On Sat, 14 Apr 2001, John Marcum wrote:

> I have been trying to make a copy of the Debian CD-ROM and the
> "potato-i386-1.list" seems to have an error, typo most likely.  The
> following three line have commas instead of underscore in the file name.
> Or it could be that they were changed by my system during the download. I'm
> using windows 95!
> /dists/potato/main/upgrade-i386/source/apt,debian,control
> /dists/potato/main/upgrade-i386/source/dpkg,debian,control
> /dists/potato/main/upgrade-i386/source/dpkg,Makefile.conf.in

Actually, these commas are correct. But if Windows can't grok them, that's no
problem, rsync will still produce a complete CD image (as you hopefully
already noticed ;-)

  Anne Bezemer

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