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Re: custom download/burn

Le Thu, Apr 12, 2001 at 01:35:50PM +0200, MPfeifer écrivait:
> as people need to come to us physically when they want to buy cd's we would
> like that people can burn their customized cd's locally if they want. that
> means: use a tool like the pseudo-image-kit to download from the
> installserver and create iso's. but a few months ago i read somewhere that it
> should be possible to select only the packages you want. 
> so, is there anyone who could point me to a tool which makes this possible? i
> looked around but couldn't find anything anymore. and it even makes me
> uncertain if i read correct.

You're confusing several things here. You can create custom debian CD iso
if you build yourself your iso image with debian-cd.

Check the debian-cd package or the CVS tree for an up to date version of
the CD building tool.

The pseudo image kit is only useful to retrieve an already existing
image, you can't customize that existing image.

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