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[Q] Strange problem with a hand-made task

	Hello there,

	I've got a problem with a hand made task. Let me please
explain the topic:
- I debianize some packages I want to put together with a minimal set
  of standard packages
- Those packages are part of a specialized server (eg: firewall,
  gateway for a local net...)
- Depending on the kind of server I want, I have to install a subset
  of those packages, so I create tasks (meta packages) that depend on
  the debianized tools plus some other standard packages (sendmail, bind
  and so on)
- When I install a new server, I go through the install process until the
  "simple" method of installing additionnal packages, the I select the
  appropriate task

Usaly, it works. But one of my tasks still refuse to works properly.
- If I select it, the packages I want aren't installed neither the
  task itself
- If I abort right when I see that the list of to-be-installed
  packages is incorrect and launch tasksel by hand after my first
  login, it works

I discovered that tasksel is launched with the "-riq" option, so I
tried dselect instead of tasksel after my first login : working tasks
are in the "new optional packages in section..." list, but the broken
one is in the "available optional packages...". If I do an "update"
first, it's ok and the task appear where it should do.

	Any hint?

                                O. Delemar, CS-SI. ATHESA
                CEA/CENG, Bat. T, 17 Av. des Martyrs, GRENOBLE
                                Tel. 04 76 88 32 87

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