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improved boot.bat

Package: debian-cd

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On Tue, Jan 23, 2001 at 08:43:58PM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> phil@bolthole.com (Philip Brown) writes:
> > but that is not user-friendly at all. There should be a *single* unified
> >  .bat file at the top level, that prompts the user, with a brief
> > explaination as to why there is a choice.
> That's probably true.  Patches accepted.  Obviously, we're not very
> strong on DOS batch programming here.

Well damn, you just did your annouce of new boot disks right before I was
ready to send you the "patch" :-/

Anyways, I'm sending this to debian-boot, even though you originally replied
to me in debian-devel, because I'm guessing this is the better place.
Please note, however, that I am NOT subscribed to debian-boot.

A few notes here:

* I could care less about boot floppies: I boot directly from cdrom.

* What follows is a suggested replacement for (debian 2.2)

  which is a "boot from msdos" util script, not the default "boot from cdrom"
  script. I'm not sure where that is, otherwise I'd offer a suggestion for
  that, too.

* BTW:  http://www.nc5.infi.net/~wtnewton/batch/batguide.html


@echo off
rem Flush any write-cached disk blocks before we leave DOS. 
smartdrv /c

echo Please choose a linux kernel now
echo 1= standard kernel (2.2)
echo 2= compact kernel  (2.2)
echo 3= SCSI kernel     (2.2)
echo 4= experimental support enabled (2.4.0)

choice /c:1234
if errorlevel 4 goto FOUR
if errorlevel 3 goto THREE
if errorlevel 2 goto TWO
if errorlevel 1 goto ONE

echo doing default somehow and going to ONE
goto ONE

echo using standard kernel
loadlin.exe linux root=/dev/ram ro initrd=root.bin

echo using compact kernel
loadlin.exe lincompt root=/dev/ram ro initrd=root.bin

echo using SCSI kernel
loadlin.exe linscsi root=/dev/ram ro initrd=root.bin

echo using eXperimental kernel
loadlin.exe linXprmt root=/dev/ram ro initrd=root.bin extraopts=something
rem I would have liked to use variables for options but DOS doesnt
rem like having an equals-sign in a variable.

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