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Re: pool

Well, I am considering the possibility of using my work internet access
to create a mirror, and then hooking my machine to the mirror in disk to
transfer it to my potato system. My question is: What's the best way of
mirroring from a windows machine, may be rsync provided in the
pseudo-image kit for windows? But it seems to me that it will not
function. Any ideas?

"J.A. Bezemer" wrote:
> On Tue, 5 Dec 2000, Philip Charles wrote:
> > Could someone tell me what the "pool" directory is about?  Is it necessary
> > to mirror it?  I see that non-US has established it and it is obviously
> > going to take a lot of disk space.
> If you use rsync to mirror, you don't have to mirror pool/ if you use the
> --copy-unsafe-links option. At least, that's possible as long as symlinks in
> the "regular" tree exist (which I suppose will continue to be the case for
> potato). In the future, pool/ is supposed to contain everything from stable to
> unstable for all architectures, so mirroring specific portions of the archive
> will get a bit harder. Also see
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-0011/msg01827.html
> Regards,
>   Anne Bezemer
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