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Re: Producing ARM port CDs

On Wed 08 Nov, J.A. Bezemer wrote:

> The CVS service was recently moved to another server, so I guess that's
> what's causing the problems. I already mailed the debian-boot list hoping
> that they can provide more details. 


> > So far I've found:
> > -V 'Debian 2.2r0 arm binary-1'   Not readable - 'asks to insert 'debian_2' CD
> > -V 'Debian 2/2r0 arm binary-1'   Not readable - hangs
> > no -V option                     OK
> > -V 'Debian1'                     OK
> > 

> Did you try -V 'Debian_2_2r0_arm_binary_1'? (i.e. all 'weird' chars
> replaced by an underscore) 

Wel, I tried -V 'Debian_22r0_arm_binary_1' which could be considered the same
test, and that didn't work (it hung). So I concluded that there is a limit or
8 or, more likely 10 chars (RISCOS filenames are limited to 10 chars on ROS
3.7 or earlier). I'll try and get the definitive word for someone who knows
rather than blowing CDs testing every possibility.

> Judging from your first example, it can also be
> that RISCOS only supports 8 chars in the volid (very strange since it's
> defined as 32 chars). 
> If -V 'Debian_2.2r0_arm_binary-1' (only spaces -> underscores) does work, I
> suppose that would be acceptable for all ARM CDs. I don't think it would be
> a big problem to have debian-cd  sed -e 's/ /_/g'  the volid if ARCH=arm. 

Unfortunately I don't think even that is enough, and I don't think we can
impose anything more restrictive on all ARM machines so a special case for
Risc PCs will be needed. Would it be OK if debian-cd used dpkg-platform (a
new util we have invented for this sort of thing which will hopefully be
accepted as a mainstream thing in due course). In much the same way it uses
dpkg --print-installation-architecture to set $ARCH. (dpkg-platform returns
something like 'ARM-riscpc' for riscPCs - this could be used to special-case
the Volid.)

(of course if you are blowing the CDs on a different type of machine then you
have to set such things manually anyway).

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