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Re: Producing ARM port CDs

On Wed, 8 Nov 2000, Wookey wrote:

> On Wed 08 Nov, J.A. Bezemer wrote:
> > The CVS service was recently moved to another server, so I guess that's
> > what's causing the problems. I already mailed the debian-boot list hoping
> > that they can provide more details. 

CVS seems to be okay again.

> > > So far I've found:
> > > -V 'Debian 2.2r0 arm binary-1'   Not readable - 'asks to insert 'debian_2' CD
> > > -V 'Debian 2/2r0 arm binary-1'   Not readable - hangs
> > > no -V option                     OK
> > > -V 'Debian1'                     OK
> > > 
> > Did you try -V 'Debian_2_2r0_arm_binary_1'? (i.e. all 'weird' chars
> > replaced by an underscore) 
> Wel, I tried -V 'Debian_22r0_arm_binary_1' which could be considered the same
> test, and that didn't work (it hung). So I concluded that there is a limit or
> 8 or, more likely 10 chars (RISCOS filenames are limited to 10 chars on ROS
> 3.7 or earlier).

Okay, 'Deb22r0-1' or just 'D22r0-1' would be possibilities then.

>   I'll try and get the definitive word for someone who knows

Please do.

> > Judging from your first example, it can also be
> > that RISCOS only supports 8 chars in the volid (very strange since it's
> > defined as 32 chars). 
> > 
> > If -V 'Debian_2.2r0_arm_binary-1' (only spaces -> underscores) does work, I
> > suppose that would be acceptable for all ARM CDs. I don't think it would be
> > a big problem to have debian-cd  sed -e 's/ /_/g'  the volid if ARCH=arm. 
> Unfortunately I don't think even that is enough, and I don't think we can
> impose anything more restrictive on all ARM machines so a special case for
> Risc PCs will be needed. Would it be OK if debian-cd used dpkg-platform (a
> new util we have invented for this sort of thing which will hopefully be
> accepted as a mainstream thing in due course). In much the same way it uses
> dpkg --print-installation-architecture to set $ARCH. (dpkg-platform returns
> something like 'ARM-riscpc' for riscPCs - this could be used to special-case
> the Volid.)
> (of course if you are blowing the CDs on a different type of machine then you
> have to set such things manually anyway).

All Official CDs are generated on an i386 system. I don't think there'll be
any problem to have short VolIDs for all ARM Binary CDs; the Debian installer
uses the (very) long name in .disk/info rather than the VolID. 

(Actually, I don't remember seeing any Linux app using the VolID. Or the label
of an ext2 filesystem, for that matter ;-)

  Anne Bezemer

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