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Re: Producing ARM port CDs

On Mon, 6 Nov 2000, Wookey wrote:
> On Fri 03 Nov, J.A. Bezemer wrote:
> > While I don't know the details, the CVS version may fix
> > some of the issues you found. See  http://cdimage.debian.org/ch32.html
> OK. I tried to get the latest but 'cvs co debian-cd' set up the local
> debian-cd dir and CVS subdir then says: cvs [server aborted]: can't
> chdir(/org/home/aph): No such file or directory
> Any clues as to why this isn't working? I've used CVS sucessfully from other
> servers.

The CVS service was recently moved to another server, so I guess that's what's
causing the problems. I already mailed the debian-boot list hoping that they
can provide more details. 

> In the meantime I have another little problem with ARM CDs. RISCOS v3.7 or
> earlier (ie something like 75% of the RiscPCs out there) can't cope with the
> Debian VolID's. All the other mkisofs/mkhybrid options are controlled by
> $MKISOFS_OPTS but the -V <volid> bit isn't. This means I can't make valid CDs
> without changing the Makefile at the moment (or possibly using a hook script
> to change the CDn.volid file before the mkisofs gets run - I'm just checking
> that bit). I'm just going through the tedious process of working out whether
> there is a ninimal volid that will work, but so far only CDs blown with no -V
> option at all are readable. Yes I realise this makes CDFS prior to RISCOS 4
> uniquely rubbish, but RiscPCs are a large part of the ARM desktop market and
> need to be accomodated.
> So far I've found:
> -V 'Debian 2.2r0 arm binary-1'   Not readable - 'asks to insert 'debian_2' CD
> -V 'Debian 2/2r0 arm binary-1'   Not readable - hangs
> no -V option                     OK
> -V 'Debian1'                     OK
> So I don't think it likes spaces in titles. I'll try and find out what the
> actual limitations are, but whatever it is, the existing scripts ought to
> cater for this brokenness. The problem is that changing it for 'ARM' is a bit
> sweeping as I'm sure there's plenty of non-broken ARM machines out there.
> We'll, there's RISCOS 4.0 or later RiscPCs. Almost no other ARM machines have
> CD ROMs at the moment. The only other properly supportd machine is the
> netwinder, and that has no CD.
> Do other architectures have mechanisms to produce special CDs for problematic
> machines?

Did you try -V 'Debian_2_2r0_arm_binary_1'? (i.e. all 'weird' chars replaced
by an underscore)  Judging from your first example, it can also be that RISCOS
only supports 8 chars in the volid (very strange since it's defined as 32

If -V 'Debian_2.2r0_arm_binary-1' (only spaces -> underscores) does work, I
suppose that would be acceptable for all ARM CDs. I don't think it would be a
big problem to have debian-cd  sed -e 's/ /_/g'  the volid if ARCH=arm. 

  Anne Bezemer

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