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Re: Producing ARM port CDs

On Fri 03 Nov, J.A. Bezemer wrote:

> On Fri, 3 Nov 2000, Wookey wrote:

> > Hello people,

> > I'm new to this list so please excuse me asking dumb questions.

> Here's one: are you using the debian-cd .deb package from potato or the
> latest CVS version?

I'm using the one from potato (I did give the version number in my original

> While I don't know the details, the CVS version may fix
> some of the issues you found. See  http://cdimage.debian.org/ch32.html

OK. I tried to get the latest but 'cvs co debian-cd' set up the local
debian-cd dir and CVS subdir then says: cvs [server aborted]: can't
chdir(/org/home/aph): No such file or directory

Any clues as to why this isn't working? I've used CVS sucessfully from other

> Also, several patches have gone over this list, see the list archives
> (e.g. http://lists.debian.org/debian-cd-0010/threads.html).

Well I took a look but didn't find anything terribly helpful. I'll try a bit

In the meantime I have another little problem with ARM CDs. RISCOS v3.7 or
earlier (ie something like 75% of the RiscPCs out there) can't cope with the
Debian VolID's. All the other mkisofs/mkhybrid options are controlled by
$MKISOFS_OPTS but the -V <volid> bit isn't. This means I can't make valid CDs
without changing the Makefile at the moment (or possibly using a hook script
to change the CDn.volid file before the mkisofs gets run - I'm just checking
that bit). I'm just going through the tedious process of working out whether
there is a ninimal volid that will work, but so far only CDs blown with no -V
option at all are readable. Yes I realise this makes CDFS prior to RISCOS 4
uniquely rubbish, but RiscPCs are a large part of the ARM desktop market and
need to be accomodated.

So far I've found:
-V 'Debian 2.2r0 arm binary-1'   Not readable - 'asks to insert 'debian_2' CD
-V 'Debian 2/2r0 arm binary-1'   Not readable - hangs
no -V option                     OK
-V 'Debian1'                     OK

So I don't think it likes spaces in titles. I'll try and find out what the
actual limitations are, but whatever it is, the existing scripts ought to
cater for this brokenness. The problem is that changing it for 'ARM' is a bit
sweeping as I'm sure there's plenty of non-broken ARM machines out there.
We'll, there's RISCOS 4.0 or later RiscPCs. Almost no other ARM machines have
CD ROMs at the moment. The only other properly supportd machine is the
netwinder, and that has no CD.

Do other architectures have mechanisms to produce special CDs for problematic

Any recommendations for how best to cater for this?

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