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Re: [Fwd: RSYNC issues]

On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, null wrote:

> I tried to burn the ISO again.  What you said made sense.  But I
> ended,with the same result.  I get a "cant find sector error" when
> trying to view the dir of the CD. I am burning to a 700mb CD but that
> doesn't seem like it should matter.  The ISO burns to 628 mb on CD  the
> ISO on the,Windows HD shows as 631mb.  Is it just that windows cant read
> the CD,disk?  That seems too unlikely.

All of the directories are located in the first 10 MB or so of the CD, so the
"too small" burning won't affect that. However, using a 700MB CD means pushing
your CDROM drive to the limit, since most such CDs don't comply with the
official standards any more. I'd suggest that you use a "normal" 74min/650MB
CD-R next time. 

But the issue may also be that your CD recording software doesn't burn the
.iso file to the CD correctly and/or doesn't recognize the .iso file as being 
a "raw" 2048-bytes-per-sector data track. With some burning programs, this can
be tricky. The FAQ at  http://cdimage.debian.org/faq.html  contains specific
instructions for several programs.

And before burning, do check the md5sum of the .iso file, as detailed in
the Kit's README. If the md5sum matches, we can at least exclude the problem
of the .iso file being incorrect.

> Concerning Pseudo image Kit 2.0:
> I tried make-pseudo-image from my house where I have good bandwidth.
> After running the command: 
> I:\>make-pseudo-image binary-i386-1.list ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian
> I ended up with a ~9mb file pseudo image.  I checked the error log and,
> there were two errors concerning readme files but nothing else.  The
> dowload log showed all the files as downloaded at a total much
> greater,than 9mb (or so it seemed! I didnt add it all up yet).  No
> errors,there.  But somthing sure seems flakey.  I am running RSYNC

If you still happen to have a copy of that pseudo-image, try to open it in
Notepad. That might reveal some more information. A few months ago, there was
a similar-looking problem due to a broken HTTP (not FTP) server that sent
error pages without flagging it as an error, which resulted in a very small
pseudo-image consisting only of a few thousand concatenated error pages... 

  Anne Bezemer

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