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RE: powerpc cd images

> > Can we do the symlink magic to same some space then, Nick?
> > _After_ that has been installed, not now.
> Well, it's just a matter of copying the woody/boot-m68k file to the potato
> directory. It can be done easily, but as I said before while the script
> appears to put files in the correct places I have no way to build and test
> the CD images fully, so it may be risky without another test cycle.

I have bitten the bullet and grabbed the extra files I needed in order to
build and test potato-m68k-1.raw and it looks good, so now I'm a little more
confident about changing potato to use the symlinked install directory
scheme without another test cycle. I will now commit this change to CVS for
potato, but will leave the wget'ing of the Amiga dmesg files in place until
the updated boot-floppies are installed in the archive.


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