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[m68k] boot-floppies for test cycle

Hi folks,
sorry to interrupt with a simple thing and not adding to the flamewars. 
I want to build another set of boot-floppies for m68k, which fix some
problems I introduced (wrong amiga kernel), improves the quickinstall for
mac, changes the directory layout for mac, so that we can use symlinks on
the CDs and save lots of space, add the AmigaOS dmesg tool and add
[amiga|atari|mac]install.tgz tarballs for easier download if people install
via the net. In fact, I allready built this but "lost" a file so I can not
upload it now.
Two questions: 
  is it ok to upload a bf 2.2.15 version again or will we have a new
  boot-floppies version soon?
  Can we get another set of test images for m68k when these boot-floppies
  are installed? Nick prepared all necessary changes alrleay in the CVS (are
  the CDs built with the CVS scripts or with the debian-cd package?)

Ok, that are in fact three questions, but m68k needs a new set of
boot-floppies, to get a correct kernel for amiga, and a new set of CD
images, to add several missing files.


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