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new powerpc CDs at cdimage.debian.org


I've updated the powerpc images, having installed the hfsutils, so
they should now be bootable.  Here are the new MD5SUMS:

90016a8025bd76858d90258e4985671a  potato-powerpc-1.raw
606aec2714da03a0f9d4d61314d77905  potato-powerpc-2.raw
40914fbe9d381b13ec7fe46be6afde7d  potato-powerpc-3.raw

The lists of packages are exactly similar, so they should rsync rather well.

Doing these was a nice demonstration of what having enough ram can do
for you.  I've just added 96 MB to open (now 256MB) and time
difference between CDs #1 & #3 went down from 25 mins to 4 mins, so
maybe I'll have a less painful time producing CDs from here on in :-)

Cheers, Phil.

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