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Re: powerpc cd images

> > > I've had a report that the powerpc CD images don't boot.  I'm looking into
> > > it, but before I do - is hfsutils installed on the build machine?  I suppose
> > > it might not error out if they weren't, and the result would certainly not
> > > boot.
> > 
> > You guessed it.  hfsutils was not on open.  It is now.
> > 
> > I suppose I'll have to rebuild the CDs for powerpc.
> > 
> > Does this also affect m68k?
> I think nobody bothered yet to implement hfs stuff for m68k/macs, Michael?

Right. And there's no chance to get the CDs bootable on m68k Macs anyway
so I'm not sure it truely matters. What is hfsutils used for, I thought
mkhybrid takes care of these things? 

I'm downloading the m68k-1 image to check for HFS partitions on it, please
stand by ...


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