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Re: complete (but non-US only) mirror of phils cd images at

Andreas Jellinghaus <aj@fwi-athene.wiwi.uni-karlsruhe.de> writes:

> rsync is now a full mirror of
> cdimage.debian.org::potato_test-cycle-2_nonUS/
> phil: sorry that i did transfer so much. the mirror i used (ftp.rfc822.org)
> seemes to have only half of the files on some archs like m68k, sparc and
> powerpc.

Don't worry about it, although it just goes to demonstrate the extent
of the hospitality of my hosts (GX Networks) as you can see here:


  Max  Out:      6704.7 kb/s (67.0%) 
  Average  Out:  3991.4 kb/s (39.9%)

> anyway: all architectures are now mirrored,
> and the md5sums are verified and o.k.

I'm just in the throws of doing the arm CDs (which I forgot because
they're not listed in the build_all.sh I was using --- Doh!)

After that, I guess redoing the powerpc ones will be the next thing to
do.  I do hope that people won't be too confused about the fact that
there's a different set of test-cycle-2 for powerpc CDs floating
around.  Any suggestions on how to make this clear?

Cheers, Phil.

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