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Re: LOCAL working???

Le Tue, Jun 13, 2000 at 12:59:27PM -0400, Huneycutt, Doug écrivait:
> don't include my package.  I've tried it under frozen/local/binary-i386/,
> frozen/local/binary-i386/admin, frozen/local/binary-all/admin, just about
> everywhere I can think of.  And I've generated Packages and Packages.gz

$MIRROR/dists/$CODENAME/local/binary-$ARCH/ is the correct directory where
to put files. But you must take care to generate the same kind of Packages.gz
as those in the mirror (ie they should have Filename: dists/$CODENAME/local/binary-$ARCH/file.deb)

This is done by generating the Packages file while beeing in $MIRROR/ and
with command lines like :
dpkg-scanpackages dists/$CODENAME/local/binary-$ARCH/ /dev/null >dists/$CODENAME/local/binary-$ARCH/Packages

> files.  The build.sh runs to completion, and generates CD images with full
> structures under frozen/local/binary-xxx/, but the Packages files there are
> 0 length, and the .deb isn't on the image.  AARGH!

Did you generate your CD with COMPLETE=1 ? 

Raphaël Hertzog -+- http://strasbourg.linuxfr.org/~raphael/

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