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Re: How is it decided what packages go on what CD?

Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> If you can give me a file (with a package name per line) giving all the
> packages that should go in the first CD, then I'll use it to select which
> packages will be used to fill the first CD once the standard &
> task-related packages are already included.

Done. Only considering main and contrib here, although contrib packages
are suprisingly uncommon and the first one comes in at number 392. Also,
it lists all packages, mainly because I don't know how many fit on a CD.
They are listed in order though.
The output of my script looks as follows:

Num  Package_Name             Score Size__ Accumulated_Size
   1 main/libc6                 734   1338   1338
   2 main/xfree86-common        666    266   1604
   3 main/xlib6g                686    958   2562

This is available at:
http://cupid.suninternet.com/~kleptog/sample-output.txt.gz (60K)

The list of the packages at 1 per line is at:
http://cupid.suninternet.com/~kleptog/sample-package-output.txt.gz (18K)

> In order to work, I may have to disable the auto include of suggested
> packages since it is a bit expansive for its checking (for example, if
> it does find a virtual package, then all packages providing it will be
> included).

Yes, my script does this also, though only for the Depends line. It is
done this way as one of the stated goals is that the end-user should be
able to completely install Debian by putting in each CD exactly once in
order. So all possibile dependencies must be available. Anyway, I'm 
curious as to how these two lists compare.


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