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Re: How is it decided what packages go on what CD?

On Tue, 28 Dec 1999, Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:

> Done. Only considering main and contrib here, although contrib packages
> are suprisingly uncommon and the first one comes in at number 392. Also,
> it lists all packages, mainly because I don't know how many fit on a CD.
> They are listed in order though.
> The output of my script looks as follows:
> Num  Package_Name             Score Size__ Accumulated_Size
>    1 main/libc6                 734   1338   1338
>    2 main/xfree86-common        666    266   1604
>    3 main/xlib6g                686    958   2562
> etc...
> This is available at:
> http://cupid.suninternet.com/~kleptog/sample-output.txt.gz (60K)
> The list of the packages at 1 per line is at:
> http://cupid.suninternet.com/~kleptog/sample-package-output.txt.gz (18K)
> > In order to work, I may have to disable the auto include of suggested
> > packages since it is a bit expansive for its checking (for example, if
> > it does find a virtual package, then all packages providing it will be
> > included).
> Yes, my script does this also, though only for the Depends line. It is
> done this way as one of the stated goals is that the end-user should be
> able to completely install Debian by putting in each CD exactly once in
> order. So all possibile dependencies must be available. Anyway, I'm 
> curious as to how these two lists compare.

Is this list based on the boot-floppies
.../scripts/basedisks/newtasks/tasks-*.ctl files?

If all the packages listed here could be included on the first CD then the
CD could be a stand-alone disc with all the preselected tasks included on
it.  Ideal for newbies to Debian.

If necessary I could prepare this list.


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