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Re: Live debian CD

Subject: Re: Live debian CD

> > Does anyone know if anyone has tried making a "live" cd from debian ?
> >
> > By live i mean a cd that can boot and run a debian distribution.
> >
> > My thoughts are that you could probably do it with a script file
> > have to be a pretty fancy script i guess) but it should be possible to
> > a live cd based on a current debian installation, or customised to
> > specific packages.
> >
> > Such a cd would be handy for people wanting to try debian without
> > hdd space, would also be good for a backup system.
> >
> > For areas of the filesystem that need to be written to it should be
> > to use a ramdisk and backup the contents to a removable media, or
> > via a network.
> >
> > An overlay filesystem (that ive read about somewhere) could also be used
> > enable read only  filesystem to be overwritten
> >
> > What do you all think ?
> >
> > btw im new in here.. i hope this is the right place to discuss such
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > Glenn McGrath
> Keep an eye on
> http://mirjam.informatik.uni-tuebingen.de/debian/
> Within this week I should be able to finish my "Demo-Linux"
> filesystem. The System should be about 100 MB (actually a bit smaller
> to fit on a zip) and boot completly form any device or
> filesystem. Currently no data will be kept during boots, but I might
> add a check for a home.loopback or data.loopback file.
> On read-write mediums you could also remount the filesystem(s) rw and
> change what needs to be changed.
> If you have a Debian mirror (or CD set) you should be able to create
> the fs yourself with my creation package, so you don´t need to
> download 100 MB to see it fail. :)
> May the Source be with you.
> Goswin
> PS: I´m looking for a sponsor for the package building the fs.

Sounds cool, i certainly will check it out.

I want to become a package maintainer, but i will checkout whats involved
first I have a habit of biting of more than i can chew.

Glenn McGrath

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