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Re: Live debian CD

i have some experience with booting nfsroot with / readonly.
i heard of that overlay filesystem. sure, that would be very elegant, while
i´m useing hacks to archive a similiar result.

i can tell you how to do a boot/live cdrom, and help with problems.
but it´s work, and you will have to do it - i don´t have the time
to do it.

the basic idea is : have some boot floppy image - a msdos filesystem
with loadlin and a root.gz file - like the debian install disk.
this floppy needs to have everything to find the real root medium
(/dev/hd*, /dev/scd*, or maybe some partition (usefull for testing)).

and then you need to add some stuff to the bootup process - 
create a ramdisk, copy stuff to that ramdisk, mount it as /dev,
/etc, /tmp, /var/run, and so on. maybe prepare the disk to 
have all these directories be symlinks, so one ramdisk is enought.

ok, such a filesystem will need some memories, but i guess 8 MB will be enough
for nearly everything, and that shouldn´t be a problem with today computers.
maybe 1 MB can do the job, too, maybe you will need a lot more memory.

would be neat, if you could create and/or use swap paritions,
create swap files on dos partitions, or even create and use a umsdos

regards, andreas

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