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Re: Live debian CD

Subject: Re: Live debian CD

> On Wed, 13 Oct 1999, Glenn McGrath wrote:
> > An overlay filesystem (that ive read about somewhere) could also be used
> > enable read only  filesystem to be overwritten
> This can be found on http://home.att.net/~artnaseef/ovlfs/ovlfs.html.
> According to that page, it doesn't really work nice with large numbers of
> files. The "upcoming" version 1.1 should deal with that better, but
> development seems to go rather slowly. Maybe some Debian developers can
> help there...

Yea i have heard of the overlay filesystem, i had that in mind, i also
notice it
is withdrawn at the moment, i might try and resurect it.

> >
> > btw im new in here.. i hope this is the right place to discuss such
> I think you'd better post this to the general debian-devel list, there
will be
> more people there that are interested and have some time to spend on it
> Regards,
>   Anne Bezemer
Cool, will do so.

Glenn McGrath

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