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Re: The Pseudo-Image Kit v2.0pre2

"J.A. Bezemer" <costar@panic.et.tudelft.nl> writes:

> While I was at it, I also did a "minor redesign" of the cdimage.d.o
> webpage. The result is at
>   http://panic.et.tudelft.nl/~costar/pseudo-image-kit/c.d.o/

I like that, and given that the current mess is my fault, I'll
unilaterally decide to use it :-)

The only thing I noticed that could be added was that it might be
worth describing the squid trick for avoiding the need to run a local
mirror (by telling squid to keep .deb's for ages, and then setting
http_proxy).  Assuming that you don't mind me doing a bit of editing,
I'll add that in.

> Then a few other remarks:
>  - At the moment I've several binary-i386-1.iso.list files in
>    various directories. But I don't know any more what's r0, r2 or r3.
>    Would it be a big problem to include the version number in the
>    filename of the images, like 21r3-binary-i386-1.iso ?

Done.  In the mean time the trick is that if the filename ends in
.iso.list it's probably from 2.1_r2, while the 2.1_r3 ones are simply

>  - You can't rsync the source images from the $ARCH directories, because
>    they're symlinks (or you must use `-L'). Also, it might/will give
>    newbies the idea that each arch. has its own source set. Wouldn't it be
>    wiser to have the actual images/list files only in the source/ subdir,
>    and 0-length files "$ARCH/source-images-are-in-the-source-dir" ?
>    (just like the "2.1-images-have-moved" files)

I did that with the possibly mistaken idea that it might make people's
lives easier if they wanted to do a single architecture mirror.  I
suppose they'll just need to mirror the source directory as well, if
that's what they want.  Unless anyone has serious objections, I'll get
rid of the symlinks.

>  - The pseudo-image-makelist program in the UNIX/Linux version of the
>    Pseudo-Image Kit has been renamed to pi-makelist for convenience reasons
>    (I want to do `rm pseudo-image*' to clear all downloaded stuff) and
>    adapted a little. It now excludes more files that aren't on the
>    Debian mirrors, especially for m68k. If you have the time, it would
>    be nice if you could re-generate the .list files with the new pi-makelist.

I'll grab it tomorrow, and do so.

>  - The 2.1r3 source images don't have .list files yet.


I should have time to sort out the web pages and new lists tomorrow

> Regards,
>   Anne Bezemer

Thanks Anne, especially for the replacement web pages, which are a
vast improvement over the drivel I produced.

Cheers, Phil.

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