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Re: CD images?

On 20 Sep 1999, Philip Hands wrote:

> > Does making them available only through rsync make sense? That way I don't
> > need to worry about limiting FTP traffic..
> I only offer them via rsync & HTTP, but that's actually because of
> proftpd configuration issues, rather than any real objection to FTP.

Samosa is the backup ftp.d.o it has a hundred and 80 user FTP limit that I
don't want to lower. So since I can't do class based access control on
what file is being downloaded I'd just as soon forbid FTP.
> BTW you can expect CD downloads to consume all the bandwidth you have
> (open.hands.com is running at about 4Mb/s, which given that that's
> through a cheap ne2000 clone is pretty much theoretical max.)

Samosa has far in excess of 20Mb/s, it's pipe is mostly idle right now.

Phil, can you tell me who you'd like to be in the 'cdimage' group? I'll
set it up and maybe just turn maintainership of that section over to them
for the time.


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