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Re: Subtle changes to debian-cd

On 6/14/99, 3:19:37 AM, Steve McIntyre <stevem@chiark.greenend.org.uk> 
wrote regarding Re: Subtle changes to debian-cd:

> On Sun, 13 Jun 1999, jim westveer wrote:

> >3.  in cd2.list I removed the reference to non-us source code
> >    and to contrib source code.  This probably should have
> >    been on the source disks anyway.

> Possibly; the reason they went on CD 2 was space - they fit quite 
> Moving them to source means we're probably going to have to move to 3
> source CDs now. But that's probably the case already.

Yea, that was probably it.  I only moved them in the 
"potato/" section, when I was trying to make space on cd2(potato).  
As it turns out the second cd (potato) is still 740M or so.  
The addition of Gnome, and others has made the second cd quite fat.

I was meaning to ask you about slink2.optional (or cd2.optional in
potato).  I get the feeling that these are the files from binary-all
and binary-i386 that did not fit on the first cd ??  

I was eyeing them as possible victims, but now that I have 
spent a bit more time looking at it my conclusion is that 2 
Cds may not be enough for the binaries.

Of course all of this is speculation, as there is not a boot-disk
set, and that will effect what has to go on the first disk.

On the positive side, with the changes to debian_cd because of the
name change of the non-us override file names, and the small
changes in boot-i386, I was able to make a bootable/installable 
potato disk #1. (well it did have 245 un-met dependencies;-(

MeThinks that I will set this aside for another month, and 
wait and see what changes....


Jim Westveer <jwest@netnw.com>

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