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Re: Making a Potato CD


>I want to make a Potato CD so I can install it to my computer and my
>I've already downloaded all 1.2gb of it, so please don't suggest an FTP

>install. What I want to know is, how can I make a CD of these 1.2gb of
>I have no idea how to choose what directories go on which of the two,
>when I do, how can I update the Package.gz file to reflect the contents
>the CD. I noticed cdimage.debian.org has been down for the past 24
hours, so
>if there is something there, I haven't seen it.

This is exactly what I want to know too. I have *all* of potato files
here and I have divided into two cd size images. DSelect documents say
that each CD need to have Packages.cd file which describes the contents
of the current CD so that dselect can install the packages from it. The
question is that how is this Packages.cd made and are there any other
files needed in the CD (except the packages of cource).

I think this should be in the FAQ and if it is somewhere there then I'd
like someone to point out where.

I'd like to have a reply to address jvatjus@ee.oulu.fi since I'm can't
follow this list all the time.

Thanks in advance..

 - Jarkko Vatjus-Anttila <jvatjus@ee.oulu.fi>

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