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Re: Making a Potato CD

On Thu, 10 Jun 1999, Jarkko Vatjus-Anttila wrote:

> This is exactly what I want to know too. I have *all* of potato files
> here and I have divided into two cd size images. DSelect documents say
> that each CD need to have Packages.cd file which describes the contents
> of the current CD so that dselect can install the packages from it. The
> question is that how is this Packages.cd made and are there any other
> files needed in the CD (except the packages of cource).
> I think this should be in the FAQ and if it is somewhere there then I'd
> like someone to point out where.

It's not exactly documented per se, but if you have a look at
slink_cd/debian-cd they will give you a hint on what needs to be done.

> I'd like to have a reply to address jvatjus@ee.oulu.fi since I'm can't
> follow this list all the time.
> Thanks in advance..
>  - Jarkko Vatjus-Anttila <jvatjus@ee.oulu.fi>
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Steve McIntyre, CURS CCE, Cambridge, UK

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