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Re: potato-cd scripts: Necessary changes in CVS?

On 25 May 1999, Jens Ritter wrote:

>I patched the debian-cd scripts supplied in the cvs.debian.org
>repository so that it is possible to generate CDs for the unstable
>branch of debian.

OK, great.

>I would like to submit my changes to a new branch in cvs, but as I am
>a 100% newbie with cvs branches I need a helping hand: 
>I first have to checkout the original sources, then use the -b rtag
>command to create a new branch. I thought of using "potato_cd" as
>branch name.  Is that ok?  Do I now have to checkout this branch
>before proceeding?  Or can I copy my modifications to my working
>directory and check them in immediately?

I'd suggest that you check potato stuff in on the trunk and instead make a
branch for slink updates. Use something like

cvs tag -b slink_cd

to make a branch tag at the current point before you check in...

>Secondly I wonder if I should create potato1.[info|list|needed|volid]
>and such, or if the slink[12345].* files should be renamed
>(e.g. debian-cd[12345].*)?

I'd suggest cd[12345].* personally, just as an easier option.

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