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Re: potato-cd scripts: Necessary changes in CVS?

On Wed, 26 May 1999, jim westveer wrote:

> I am somewhat familiar with slink_cd ;)  My remark is due to the fact
> that :

Heh, I have to admit that I have never worked with the script.  No burner
and no mirror.  I just like to butt-in now and then :-)

> 3.) infact it would be easier to come up with a new cd_creation 
>     script, if the name of the distribution was a variable,  one
>     could then just change that variable, and then work on making
>     sure that the "important" packages are on the appropriate disks.

I completely agree with this, having this hardwired makes things a pain.
My only suggestion is that we don't try to support old releases with the
current script.  Maybe a directory of files that are distribution
specific.  You can even change that variable to something like "current"
or maybe stable and unstable.

> Just my humble opinion.  No offense intended...

Quite a valid opinion and no offense taken.


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