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potato-cd scripts: Necessary changes in CVS?

Hallo all,

I patched the debian-cd scripts supplied in the cvs.debian.org
repository so that it is possible to generate CDs for the unstable
branch of debian.

I would like to submit my changes to a new branch in cvs, but as I am
a 100% newbie with cvs branches I need a helping hand: 

I first have to checkout the original sources, then use the -b rtag
command to create a new branch. I thought of using "potato_cd" as
branch name.  Is that ok?  Do I now have to checkout this branch
before proceeding?  Or can I copy my modifications to my working
directory and check them in immediately?

Secondly I wonder if I should create potato1.[info|list|needed|volid]
and such, or if the slink[12345].* files should be renamed
(e.g. debian-cd[12345].*)?

Thanks for your answers,


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