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Re: CD-Image of latest release

On Tue, 4 May 1999 Tetchman@aol.com wrote:

>So it's Steve who posts the images (thanks Steve) (off-topic: just the Sparc 
>ones ? 

No, I made the i386, source and m68k images.

>... what about the other architectures ?) 

Steve Dunham (sparc) and Loic Prylli (alpha). As far as I know this should
be documented somewhere, at least in the MD5SUMS files...

>and we'll see some new ones for 2.1r3. But it seems that Steve isn't
>always told when a new release has been assembled. So the problem may be
>just that there's a lack of information being posted by the Release
>Guardians (is that the right phrase ?), and I'd suggest this is a
>cross-architecture problem. 

Not quite. In the past (at least the hamm release) there were
announcements made to debian-(devel)-announce for each point release which
also (IIRC) included the changelog. That didn't happen this time, which is
why several of us missed the update.

>Presumably the developer/core people will be fixing their own communication 
>channels for their own needs, but for the rest of us, I'd submit that we
>simply need more info posting on www.debian.org - e.g. a page showing
>history of point releases to date, including details of what changed at each
>point release.

Check ftp.debian.org/debian/dists/slink for the changelog file. The _only_
change from 2.1r0 (initial slink release) to 2.1r2 (current) was a
security update to super. There was no 2.1r1 release, as Guy Maor informed
us, to reduce possible confusion.

2.1r3 is currently being worked on, and will include the necessary changes
to allow slink to work fully with the 2.2 kernels. This will also
necessitate new CD images. Watch this space. And hopefully this time we
might manage to announce things better.

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