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Re: CD-Image of latest release

I check /debian/dists/slink of the main debian mirror for the 2.1rx
change-log file, this keeps me up-to-date. 


On Tue, 4 May 1999 Tetchman@aol.com wrote:
** cut
> > 
> >>Gack!  I didn't even know we'd done r1 yet!  Where are these things
> >>announced?
> Presumably the developer/core people will be fixing their own communication 
> channels for their own needs, but for the rest of us, I'd submit that we
> simply need more info posting on www.debian.org - e.g. a page showing
> history of point releases to date, including details of what changed at each
> point release.
> Then we'd know what we were missing by continuing to use a previous
> "point".
> Personally I'm mainly wondering what security fixes may be missing
> from 2.1r0.
> And is the big change for 2.1r3 the introduction of a 2.2.x kernel ?

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