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Re: CD-Image of latest release

In a message dated 26/04/99  00:38:32, <tron@cs.tu-berlin.de> writes:

[ I had a bit of trouble getting this message through on 27th.April.1999, and 
the intervening period, Steve McIntyre (<stevem@chiark.greenend.org.uk>) 
clarified the issue - see end of this message ]

> If these images are not available: What do I have to do to 
> 'upgrade' the image ? 

I emailed the list a while back asking the very same question, and got told 
the CD images *should* be kept up to date with the latest point release. But 
you're seeing the same as me - the current 2.1r0 images are very definitely 
*not* up to date. I have no idea who we should prod to ask for updates to be 

I don't even know whether 2.1r2 is the latest - there is no information on 
www.debian.org that I can find, but I've seen someone refer to the need to 
make 2.1r3 and 2.1r4 in the mailing list archives.

[Update:] Steve McIntyre (<stevem@chiark.greenend.org.uk>) clarified on 
30th.April.1999 and 1st.May.1999 by responding :-

> There are only very minor changes that have been made from 2.1r0 to 2.1r2;
> there are bigger changes planned for 2.1r3 and there will be updated CD
> images to go with that...
> On Fri, 30 Apr 1999, Branden Robinson wrote: 
>>Gack!  I didn't even know we'd done r1 yet!  Where are these things
> Good question. I'm in the same situation, and considering I'm the one
> responsible for most of the CD images, I was quite surprised to get the
> email I'm replying to here. 
> ... In the past there have always been announcements made of point
> releases...

So it's Steve who posts the images (thanks Steve) (off-topic: just the Sparc 
ones ? ... what about the other architectures ?) and we'll see some
new ones for 2.1r3. But it seems that Steve isn't always told when
a new release has been assembled. So the problem may be just that there's
a lack of information being posted by the Release Guardians (is that the
right phrase ?), and I'd suggest this is a cross-architecture problem.

Presumably the developer/core people will be fixing their own communication 
channels for their own needs, but for the rest of us, I'd submit that we
simply need more info posting on www.debian.org - e.g. a page showing
history of point releases to date, including details of what changed at each
point release.

Then we'd know what we were missing by continuing to use a previous

Personally I'm mainly wondering what security fixes may be missing
from 2.1r0.

And is the big change for 2.1r3 the introduction of a 2.2.x kernel ?

Nick Boyce
Bristol, UK

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