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Re: 2.1 CD's for the linuxworld expo

On Wed, 24 Feb 1999, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

>I have a slight problem: I've been talking with CheapBytes about
>donating CD's to us to give away at the LinuxWorld expo. Unfortunately
>they were too smart and let the stock of 2.0 CD's reach 0 by now in
>expectation of the 2.1 release.

Wow! That's organised!

>They tell me they can make 2.1 CD's if they have images 5 days before,
>which means that if we give them images today they can have brandnew 2.1
>CD's for us when the expo opens.


>Now I realize that 2.1 will not be released until March 2, which means
>we cannot get official 2.1 CD's there. However they could produce
>pre-2.1 CD's if only the CD-images on the net didn't get updated faster
>then they can download them...
>Could we create an image with the current 2.1 tree plus everything that
>is currently in Incoming so we can have really hot pre 2.1-CD's at the
>expo, and put that somewhere where they can download it without it being
>replaced again halfway through the download?

I shouldn't think there'll be a problem with that. What set do we want? 
Single CD (easiest, I'd guess), 2 CDs (main binary + contrib) or 4 CDs
(full)? I'd push for the single-CD option for giveaways, personally - we
get more people that way.

Unless there are any major changes for i386 before the weekend, the
current beta CDs will effectively be the official ones, anyway. Phil, did
you get around to making single_disk versions of CD 1?

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