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Re: 2.1 CD's for the linuxworld expo

Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> I have a slight problem: I've been talking with CheapBytes about
> donating CD's to us to give away at the LinuxWorld expo. Unfortunately
> they were too smart and let the stock of 2.0 CD's reach 0 by now in
> expectation of the 2.1 release.
> Could we create an image with the current 2.1 tree plus everything that
> is currently in Incoming so we can have really hot pre 2.1-CD's at the
> expo, and put that somewhere where they can download it without it being
> replaced again halfway through the download?

I'm not sure that's necesarry - linuxcentral is donating 500 3 cd sets of
2.0r3, should get us through at least the first day before 2.1 is released. :-)

see shy jo

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